Monday, April 25, 2011


Everydayness. Simple word; complex meaning.  It's one of the most important words that come to mind when I think about diabetes.  There's no break, there's no, 'Oh, I'll worry about it tomorrow.'
Sometimes I wish I could have a vacation from this disease that consumes my life.  No...if I go on a vacation, the D has to accompany me. Talk about invasive! 
When I'm sick, it doesn't go away.  No...then I need to just worry, 'Is my blood sugar being affected?' and prick my fingers just a zillion more times a day to make sure I don't have an unexpected high or low!
Pile on those emotions of sadness, anger, worry, fear, panic.......they all affect the 'big D'.  
Sometimes I wish I could leave it at home. 'Oops, I forgot it.' Damn you pancreas for failing me.  It's ok, I'm tough.  I can't.....won't let myself be affected by it.
Thank you diabetes world, for letting me vent.