Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silhouette Space Saver.

Imagine: a silhouette that could save your spot when you have a diabetic emergency.  Well, let me back up and tell you the reason as to why I feel this would be an important necessity in my life.  
Sitting on the stage steps in the workout room. Watching everyone else involved in a group workout session of my favorite exercise class, body combat.  I have to test my blood sugar because it's about half way through my work out.  Damn-staring back at me on the meter is a big..fat..ugly......66.  I didn't even feel that low!  I quickly grab my fruit snacks...inhale them straight out of the package.  
Wait. Watch the class. Ugh, this sucks. 
I'm a regular in the class; everyone knows that I'm a diabetic.  Looks of concern...
"Are you ok?" many people ask.  
Wait. Watch. Repeat.
Ok, so I probably shouldn't have gone back into body combat as quick as I did...but I love the class.  I reassured myself that I waited long enough and that I was feeling a bit better.  
Before I went back on the floor, I glare out at everyone once again. What? People steal my spot? How aggravating. So, I get a low, and people think it's ok to take over my workout area? C'mon people, really? I go back out to my original space and make my way back in. I'm not losing my awesome workout spot because of my diabetic needs. I didn't look to my left or right, but I'm sure I got some evil looks for "making my way back in." 
If only there was some way to "hold" my spot while I take care of myself. This is where an invention of a silhouette space saver would come in handy! It's only fair! How is it my fault that I need to suck down sugar and wait a few minutes to continue my work out? Should I be punished because of this? 
Diabetics who enjoy working out deserve this kind of invention! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Things I Hate About Diabetes

Sometimes you need to let it all out...
1. The fact that I can't eat everything and anything I want...whenever I want.  There's the annoying part of testing myself and giving myself insulin for all of the sugar I intake. Plus the super sugary foods can mess me up.  It can be quite annoying at times!
2. Being asked, "Wait...you can eat that?  I thought you were a diabetic?"  Yes, I am a diabetic.  Yes, I can eat this.  Leave me alone :)
3. The annoying beeping at night when my blood sugar is too high or low.  Can't a girl get a good night's sleep?!
4. It is almost impossible to wear a dress!  The only way I am able to pull it off is by going into the bathroom stall to give myself insulin.  
5. I want to be able to carry a small, teeny, tiny purse! I can't--I've got to carry my testing supplies PLUS extra pumping supplies in case something happens to the one I am wearing.
6. Lows can just ruin a day.  If I drop low, I have to eat sugar to bring me back up.  The bad thing is, my body is screaming "SUGAR!!!" so I eat too much sugar, therefore causing me to have an extremely high blood sugar an hour later. Lovely. 
7. Needles. Needles. Needles.  Can't get enough of them--Pricking of the finger about 10 times a day, changing my insulin every three days, and the ginormous needle that is jabbed into my back...[the sensor that is supposed to help] but OUCH-it hurts!
8. Planning to work out is more of a work out than the actual activity! I have to reduce my insulin an hour before working out, test right before as well.  If I'm low, I have to eat some fruit snacks, then I can work out. It doesn't stop there though--I have to stop about half way through my exercise and test to make sure I don't drop low.  Then, hours later, I have to check my blood sugar again because my bg usually goes a little high from working out. Man, I thought body combat could be challenging.  Fun.
9. Always having to stress about health benefits/insurance.  I can't go a day without it, my life depends on it.  Or, I'll just have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for it.  Either way, it's stressful!
10. I hate the guilt that comes with having this disease.  If I make a mistake, or feel frustrated...it all makes me feel bad and think that I'm not a "good" diabetic.  I'm human and I'm not going to be perfect at having diabetes. Also, the fact that this disease affects the people in my life that I love.  It's not fair for them to worry about me.  
Yes, I kind of added two things I dislike into number 10.  Ten is just too small of a number.    
I also hate the fact that I could keep this list going...and going.