Sunday, March 13, 2011

Positive Thinking

Frustration consumes me. To stop these pessimistic thoughts, I decided to make a list of the positives related to diabetes...
1. I have become wizard at mathematics. ["So, I'm eating 50 carbs, and my blood sugar is 150...I need to figure out the correction factor and bolus for what I'm eating!"]
2. Being tough-especially when it comes to needles! 
3. Getting blood taken? No problem!
4. I have realized the true effects that food has on my body.
5. The special attention I get from my husband and cat when I am low or high.
6. The love my husband shows by changing my sensor because I can't reach where the site is on my back.  The way he comforts me if the needle stings. That's love.
7. Knowing the doctors and receptionists so well [because I am there so often!] that all I have to say when I call is "Hi, it's Joanna."
8. Being able to speak my own diabetic language: "bolus, basal, fixed prime..." No one except a diabetic would understand. 
9. I always have a clock AND a flashlight attached right to my hip. 
10. Being able to educate others about Diabetes-all the misconceptions and what exactly being a type 1 diabetic means.
11. Have a special event every year where my biggest advocates help raise money and support me and my disease.
12. Having an online community to relate with, share stories and frustrations. 
When I am having days like today in the future, I want to look at this list and think, "life could be a lot worse."
 “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”