Sunday, November 3, 2013

6 Years With Diabetes.

Today is my 6 year dianniversary.  Six years with this threatening, frustrating, complicated, draining disease.  Sometimes I wonder why I ever was diagnosed with this disease.  Some answers that people have told me is that I'm "strong" enough for it.  But, I never really thought so.  Many times, I become so overwhelmed that I just want to give up.  

I was reminded last night, by my husband...that I am strong.  He expressed to me that I am strong because he sees me every night wake up from a dead sleep and have to jab myself in the finger in order to test my blood sugar, or change my infusion site, or be woken up by my sensor numerous times throughout the night.  He said "I know I wouldn't want to be doing that in the middle of the night--half asleep. You are strong."  He reminded me that it really does take a strong person to be a diabetic.  I think that is what I need in life (as well as other diabetics) be reminded that we're going to have days...weeks...months...that may be much more tough than others...and that doesn't make you a weak person.  My husband reminded me at one of my weak strong I really am.  

Six years & counting...


  1. Happy diaversary to you. You most certainly are strong and should be very proud of yourself for all you've done over the past six years.