Friday, May 18, 2012

Diabetes Blog Week: What You Should Know About Diabetes

Today let’s borrow a topic from a #dsma chat held last September.  The tweet asked “What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?”.  Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything.
The first and most important thing that I would let people know is that it's a lot harder than it looks.  People on the outside only see a sliver of what it is like.  There are only certain places where I can truly show and express my feelings with this difficult disease (like at home).  
For example, no one knows the battle I have been having for weeks with low and high blood sugars in the morning.  Sure, I may have mentioned it to you in conversation...but, you weren't there when I had to deal with those shaky, sweaty lows that later turned into pounding-headache, thirst-quenching highs! I just want to punch diabetes in the face because for the life of me...I cannot figure out my insulin dosage in the morning.  That's just a piece of what I go through.  Or what about the fact that I was thinking for hours about how those two slices of pizza would affect my blood sugar?  Something the typical person would not even think about at all.
So, this Type 1 diabetes, it's not easy.  At all.  It takes a lot out of me, and yes, I do my job and live my life the best I can.  However, don't think that I just take a pill and diabetes is out of my mind.  You couldn't be more wrong.  
Also, I can eat what I want.  So, if I'm stuffing my face with a cupcake or some ice cream, don't give me a look or ask rude questions.  Sometimes I feel like I should wear a sign when I'm eating those sweets.  
Lastly, I do like being asked genuinely-concerned questions about my disease.  It's the only way for you to see a little bit of what I go through and deal with every hour, minute...second of my life.

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