Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Baby Named Diabetes.

Someone said to me the other day..."Ahh, I remember the days before I had kids! My husband and I could take walks at night...have drinks whenever we wanted...and go out to eat whenever and wherever!" 
As she said that, I thought, "Wow! I can't do any of those things without preparation either!" Diabetes is like a kid! If I want to go on a walk, I need to plan ahead and reduce insulin to prepare for lows. On walks, I need to carry my test kit and sugar in case I have a low. And if my blood sugar is not on target before the walk, then I can't go for a walk. 
I can't have drinks either if I want my sugar in range! As for eating out, well...that's a rarity and a struggle too. When you go out (at least or me)...I want something I wouldn't usually have at home. But the tricky part is that it has to be healthy too. Forget the fried foods, Italian foods, and desserts. I have to stick with all the healthy options. Yes, I could have those things once in awhile...but I have to plan ahead with that too. 
And that darn sensor wakes me up during the night. Sometimes, every hour [like last night-grr!]...and I can't just ignore it--who could ignore the wailing, incredibly obnoxious sound that's similar to a fire siren? Even my husband wakes up!  When it keeps me up during the night, the following day can be extremely long and tiring!
What about the fact that my life literally has to be put on hold if my blood sugar is too high or too low? I have to wait it out--be extremely patient.  If I'm low, I need to stop what I'm doing and give it my attention. When my blood sugar is high, I have to have an extra amount of patience and poke and prod my poor fingers to make sure that my blood sugar reading is going down and NOT up!  
So, I have this baby...and it's name is Diabetes. Tell me again, what can I do since I don't have a "baby"?

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